Greenhouse Corporate Workshops

Just by living your life, you are improvising! Every choice we make in life is a conscious or unconscious decision made in combination with the specifics of our past and the reality of our present. The art form of improvisation is a multifaceted discipline that can teach individuals to find their own sense of identity while emphasizing the importance of being present in the current moment. The Greenhouse offers corporations the opportunity to expose their employees to some of the most cutting edge and accessible improvisational training there is so that skills such as innovation, team building, confidence, and the ability to produce instant content can be reinforced in a fun, safe, supportive, and interactive environment. Whereas improv is often associated with quick and often explosively funny “games” such as seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Greenhouse teaches longform improvisation in a much more disciplined fashion to cater to the individual goals of our clients. Apply below if interested, and we hope to help your team grow together!

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