The Greenhouse Gardens Program

Photo by Sylvie Borschel

Photo by Sylvie Borschel

The Greenhouse is always striving for inclusivity and diversity.  Diversity includes a range of different things; different experiences, backgrounds, cultures, sexuality, age, race, religion, etc.

Through improv and comedy we are able to share all these experiences and more. Our stages depend upon diversity in order to become more fun, playful, and fully representative.  

The program is open to everyone, because, simply put, we’re all different.  We do not want to shut anyone out, so everyone is welcomed to apply.

Applications for the upcoming 2020 season are now open. They’re reviewed by The Greenhouse Gardens Panel composed of diverse identifying members of The Armory community. Should you receive a scholarship, you will be automatically registered in one of our upcoming classes without cost. Simply fill out the form below to be considered!

Improv and comedy is a true passion here, and we’d like to make it available to as many people as we can. We made it a conscious goal to keep our form as simple as possible. We just want to know that you care and are as dedicated as we are.

This is an inclusive, supportive community, so any questions please feel free to ask.

Best of luck to all who apply in the future! Ba dada!

Jerry Burgos 

Diversity Coordinator/Registrar

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Scheduling of our next round of classes is TBA and knowing your schedule will help us place you in a class.