1. How do I sign up for a course?

Classes and electives are posted on our website organized by the day and time they would meet. Click on any course you have interest in and an application will appear at the bottom of the page. Once enough students have signed up. follow-up payment emails will be sent out to complete your registration.

2. When do you announce new courses? 

New courses available for signups will be posted at any time. When enough students signup, emails will be sent out to all accepted students that the course has been opened for registration. 

3. Does Signing up for a course commit me to registering?

No, signing up does not commit you to registering for specific dates. However, if you express interest in a course, we ask that you be ready to commit both in timing and financially so that we can best serve our community of students. 

4. Do you have waiting list for sold out classes?

Yes! You can signup for a waiting list for a sold out class or elective. If someone drops form the class or elective, you will receive a notification that registration is now open to you. Should new dates be posted for the same class or elective in the same time slot, you would also receive a notification and first rights of refusal for registration.

5. What is the cost of courses?

Six week classes currently cost $150. Electives are currently $20. Costs may vary for specialty classes.

6. Are there levels? Where do I start?

The Greenhouse is a collective of courses not meant to progress from one level to another. Instead, we believe all students should be able to prioritize the skills they most desire to continue to grow. Our six week classes Find Your Voice/Create Your World, Explore New Yous, Work Together, and Own Your Choices are all designed to help you build upon the skills most essential to longform improvisation and carry our highest recommendation. 

7. Are there any prerequisites to taking a class?

Some highly specified electives may ask prerequisites of students, but the vast majority of our classes and electives are open to al students of all experience levels.

8. What are the commitments of signing up for a class or elective? 

Students upon registration are expected to attend classes and adhere to our class registration policies agreed to at the time of registration and also available here.

9. Where are courses held?

Classes are held at various studio spaces in Manhattan. Frequently used studios include The Sheen Center and New Georges’ The Room.

10. Do you allow auditing?

No, we do not currently allow students to audit a course. There may be occasional free events for prospective students, so please continue to check our website our signup for our newsletter for more details.

11. Who teaches the classes?

All classes our taught by instructors handpicked for their ability to teach improv and the specifics of their course at the highest level. You can read more about our teachers on our faculty page here

12. How can I apply for a refund?

Email the registrar Jerry Burgos at with your full name and the class you would like to be removed from. If you qualify for a refund, the registrar will remove you from the course and your funds will be reimbursed in full within two weeks. Refunds differ per course so check the class polices to see if you qualify. Registration policies are available here. 

13. Are there make-ups available for missed classes?

Currently our class frequency is not enough to allow for make-up opportunities for our students. Please do your best to only register for courses you can attend in full. 

14. Is there an age limit to signup for classes?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older to register and enroll in any course at The Greenhouse.

15. Is there any option for payment plans or deferred payments?

No, all courses must be paid for in full upfront at the time of registration. 

16. Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! We will soon be offering scholarships for Diverse identifying students. For more information, please email the Diversity Coordinator, Jerry Burgos at

17. Who can I reach out to with further questions or to clarify something above?

You can email our Academic Director, Ian Herrin, directly at